The Wild Sippers give utmost importance to the privacy of its customers and undertake proper required steps to protect the same. We at The Wild Sippers promise to safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of every single customer visiting our website-

Our website has been created and developed to ensure that prospective customers have an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience while safeguarding any personal information collected in the meantime from them. However, this Privacy Policy is exclusively applicable to The Wild Sippers website and not to any other website linked to us.

The customers are requested to take note of the following-

  • We advise you to review our Privacy Policy from time to time as it is subject to changes without notice.
  • By visiting our website, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. However, please do not use or access our website if you disagree with such a policy.
  • You automatically lend your consent to us to use your personal information as per the terms of the Privacy Policy when you visit our website. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the Terms of Use as well.


The first step to access the Wild Sippers website is the registration process whereby the customer is required to share some personal information like name and email address. Once registered, he/she is eligible to receive email communication from us like welcome mailer, newsletters, etc.


The Wild Sippers wishes to keep its customers and clients updated about the latest tea community trends, any upcoming promotions or events, tea boutiques, etc. For this, the customers may be required to furnish some additional information like contact number, billing address, payment mode and details, shopping preferences, demographics. We assure you that all such vital information is held under strict vigilance.


We gather information like frequently visited pages of our website by you through cookies, web beacons or other technologies. Browser settings may enable you to prevent cookies or notify you when one is being placed. However, cookies are essential to access the site.

Any invitation from your end to any individual to visit The Wild Sippers website will require his/her name and email address. This data will be utilized to confirm qualifying orders attributable to your account and track the invitation referrals.


The Wild Sippers are not allowed to share or disclose any personal information of its customers by virtue of its strict Privacy Policy. Such information is solely utilized for the following-

  • To support customers in having a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience.
  • To inform the customers about their various products and services to suit their tastes and preferences.
  • To enable them to use and experience the exciting features of our website.
  • To fulfil their orders.
  • To provide efficient customer service support.
  • To monitor email invitations.
  • To keep a record of the past purchases, thereby providing a customized shopping profile to every single buyer
  • to send customers information about offers, promotions, new services, etc.

Trusted third parties may be given access to the customer’s information shared with us to evaluate their performance in the maintenance and operation of the website.

The personally identifiable information shared by customers may be put to use by us in strategic relations like operating a co-branded website with a strategic partner. We may also provide our website link on other external websites. You need to check the privacy policy of those sites in case you visit them, as our privacy policy does not apply to them.

We may share any personally identifiable information with our parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates. Also, such information is treated as an intellectual asset and transferred in case of events like merger, change of control or reorganization.This includes transfers made as part of an insolvency or bankruptcy proceeding and involves all or part of our business.

We always aim to enrich your shopping experience by sharing our postal mailing list to other companies whose product may interest you, consisting of customer names and postal address and not email id. This basically includes your past and current purchase record and demographic information.

On Personal information can be disclosed at the discretion of The Wild Sippers in case of any legal requirement, for protecting our rights or rights of others, preventing harm to persons or property or for fighting fraud and credit risk reduction. Any non-personally identifiable information may bus to improve utilized by us to improve our website and for business or administrative purposes. For other business purposes, aggregated data containing no personally identifiable information may be shared with third parties.


In today’s age of cybercrime and frauds, the Wild Sippers take extra care to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of data shared by the customers every time they visit our website. We have incorporated efficient and updated technical and management processes to safeguard the information provided by you –

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology to encrypt your credit card number and other personal data, ensuring secure PC to server transmission of information.
  • Employees and third parties who need access to your information to perform their duties are the only ones allowed access.
  • Our registered users have the option to no longer receive any emails or other communications or modify their preference for receiving such communications by writing to us at [email protected] But they will continue to receive invitation emails from friends and other contacts.
  • Users receiving email invitations to join the site may choose not to receive such invitations in the future. The procedure ensuring that will be specified in the email invitation itself.
  • Registered users also can opt not to receive such email invitations by following the procedure mentioned in the invitation email.
  • The process to stop such communication may take up to 10 business days of your opt-out request. You may continue to receive the communication emails during that time.
  • The Wild Sippers reserves the right to delete all or part of customer information if we are not able to accommodate opt-out requests in spite of our continued efforts to do so.