Our Story

1990; Assam;  The bracing air of early morning enriched with the intense fragrance of pure Darjeeling Tea radiated light and aromas filling the entire house. I was excited holding the porcelain cup as it was my very first sip of my father’s handpicked blend during his recent tour to Darjeeling.  It was my first ever encounter with the amazing world of tea. It wasn’t merely a sip of tea but carried the intricacies and rituals of crafting the flavour every household follows as per their tastes and moods.

On that very day the passion of weaving my journey with tea somewhere unknowingly found a place in my heart.

After working for over a decade with many corporates across the globe, I realised it was time to drive my lifelong passion and introduce the world to my carefully handpicked flavours and blends of tea. Like an untamed wilding, I began my endeavour to convert my passion for tea flavours to a connoisseur.

Armed with not more than a dream and a passion-filled heart, I set out in my quest to travel and experience some of the finest collections of tea. I was indeed a wild sipper when I ventured into exploring some exotic teas infused with variety of Indian natural herbs. My endeavour took me across all major & significant tea producing states and interacting with artisans of established tea plantations, sipping all those phenomenal cups of tea and experiencing the magic in every sip.

It would be unjust not to share my experience with the world

Thus my passion found a name and The Wild Sippers”  was born!

Why Wild Sippers?

A passion for tea has taken The Wild Sippers to explore organic, fresh, long leaf tea from the renowned gardens of India and then infuse them with natural herbs to enhance health & aromatic qualities.

We pay meticulous attention to the tastes and preferences of our fellow Wild Sippers.  We maintain strict quality standards from the very beginning so that our fellow Wild Sippers can experience the freshness of hand-blended  teas with enriching health benefits.

Our collection of  Wellness Tea bursting with evocative flavours are unique blend with natural aroma of carefully picked exotic fruits, flowers and spices around the world that boost the immunity and carries other healing qualities.

The Wild Sippers advocate for a healthy lifestyle. Practising preventive measures for maintaining a good lifestyle is a habit you never outgrow. Our low caffeine-infused Organic Green Tea with natural herbs and no artificial colours or oils is a must have beverage for your healthy routine.

Our team is constantly following market trends, efficiently exploring & complying with the highest standards in product quality management and after-sales to ensure we stay true to our mandate and sell what we believe in.

We at The Wild Sippers believe that our love is not to be simply indulged but shared. With blends for the traditionalist, tea connoisseur as well as the adventurist, we like you to share those with your loved ones, family, friends and young members. Every Wild sip blended for your taste buds and convenience is an experience that should be revelled, enjoyed and passionately explored.

Welcome, fellow Wild Sippers.  Sit back, relax, and we’ll leave the Kettle on!